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Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Crust Crunk Deluxe" censored on myspace!?! (front cover?)
First official EP (autoproduction) is full-released on Soundcloud now:
" [...] une forme extrême de libertarisme - pour laquelle tous les extrêmes sont intéressants en soi. Pas de tabous, pas d'excuses. Seules les convenances sont tournées en dérision. Ne jamais oublier: [...] C'EST DE LA MUSIQUE!"- William Bennett

For supervillains & badasses only ;-{DSoundcard traumatizer reel, contains all-analog masters.
For all booking/tech/co-realisation(s) inquiries please contact guillaume (no messenger stuffs, e-mail only please): phyloxera@live.fr
 Patch list: 2 D.I. (+ Electrovoice RE20 if you want huge sound!).
NB: For PHST RECORDS, my netlabel, it's over... I'm focused on Phyloxera and I don't think playin' in another band in the future, so now: the parasite is free and open-minded about deals with REAL labels and netlabels... Cheers!