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Friday, January 23, 2015

NECKTAR 2017 Volume 7 [MetaCompilation]: OUT NOW!

Free download HERE or HERE!

"Br41n D34d" by Phyloxera (bass/effects) Vs Boozoo (drums) on track n°12.

15h14 of music co-produced by Le Colibri Nécrophile / Earsheltering / H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record.

List of contributors + manifesto/project.

PS: Don't miss Prima Materia Retort, remixes by the collective called Zone Fusion.

"Br41n D34d" is used as samples on themes "Bacteria Regnum", "Chromista Regnum", "Protista Regnum", "Hybrium Gas", and "Hybrium Liquid".